Autowatch Ghost 2 Shadow Upgrade


This is a further upgrade to the Autowatch Ghost 2. Adding even further vehicle security protection.


Adding Shadow to my existing Ghost Immobiliser.

This ads an additional layer of security to the Ghost 2 Immobiliser.

With the new Shadow upgrade it has an additional internal immobiliser relay that can be used as a 2nd layer of protection to the ghost 2 immobiliser. This will sit dormant and hidden and only activates should the Ghost 2 be removed.

The Shadow also has an output that will trigger a internal siren when someone is trying to start the vehicle without being authorised or if the Ghost is removed.


  • Additional layer of security to the Ghost Immobiliser
  • Internal relay for emergency immobilisation
  • CAN connected, no RF to give away location
  • Output for siren / tracking when theft is being attempted
  • Does not compromise the Ghost location

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